Timed Finishing in FIFA 19

A gameplay feature that we will be seeing for the first time in FIFA 19 is timed finishing. As you would expect, this involves the shoot button and whilst you have to initially press it as per usual, you also have to tap it a second time to initiate the timed finish.

The quality of the timed finish is dependent on when you tap the shoot button that second time. When you are using the FIFA trainer, there will be a¬†colored bar above your player’s head and a slider. When the slider is in the green zone, if you tap the shoot button a second time, you will see a “Great Timing!” message which will indicate that you’ve timed it perfectly.

When you have the FIFA trainer turned off, the player indicator triangle will show you if your timed finished has been successful.

Which Shots Does Timed Finishing Apply to?

It applies to all types of shots even finesse shots, headers and volleys.


Timed Finishing Trailer

Take a look at the trailer for this new gameplay feature: