Drag Back (While Standing) Skill Move in FIFA 19

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You know that this is one of the most overpowered skill movesĀ (check out all of the other moves here!) in the game, right?

Seriously. It is. Loads of top players use it and so should you.

Stars Required to Perform this: Two

How to do it

Hold R1/RB and flick the left stick to the back of your player.

When Should I use This?

There are a number of scenarios when the drag back is of use with one being when you are under pressure and you need to buy yourself some time and space. It is a great way of keeping the ball when your opponent is playing with heavy pressure on you as you can drag the ball back and then find a team mate with space.

Skill moves, generally, are an amazing way to keep the ball from your opponent and to go past them as they make you so much more unpredictable. We have pages on loads of skill moves that you need to memorize if you want to be in any way decent at this game We strongly suggest that you go through this skill moves section!

As it only requires two skill stars to perform it means that you can perform it with players all over the pitch who are under pressure such including your center backs although it can be risky if you lose the ball and the opposing striker is then through on goal.

Which Areas of the Pitch Should I use it?

  • Near your opponent’s penalty area
  • On the wings
  • In the middle of the pitch when things are tight

This is a handy skill move near the penalty area as finesse shots are so powerful in the latest version of the game (if you haven’t checked out our tutorial on finesse shots you need to do so right now!). This means that any space that you can get yourself around here is critical in firing off a finesse shot and the drag back is one of the most effective ways of doing so. We also have a guide on the various types of shots in the game that will get you scoring more goals.

When you are on the wing space can get tight and so there are only so many ways to turn. Dragging the ball back and passing it inside to a team mate makes you more unpredictable and gives you a better chance of keeping possession.

The middle of the pitch is usually the most cramped part so you can use this move to then pass the ball to someone in space which can quickly move you up the pitch.

Video Tutorial

drpoplove on YouTube has put together a video tutorial where he explains how to use this skill move within the game. This also includes a look at how you can combine the drag back with a fake shot to further increase the usefulness of it! This video is for FIFA 18 however it is still relevant for the latest version of the game.