I have always been a fan of football/soccer games and have been playing them for decades now. I remember the glory days of playing games like Microprose Soccer, Kick-Off and Sensible Soccer on my Atari ST. Things have come a long way!

I also used to play football management games like Premier Manager and then a little later on Championship Manager (they later changed the name to Football Manager which you probably know it by). In the late 90s I managed to get a summer job testing it which was an amazing experience! I got to play the game all day, looking for bugs and reporting them back to the developers, which gave me a great insight into the game and how its made.

During the 90s I started to play EA’s FIFA games on my Sega Megadrive. This era of the FIFA games had an isometric camera which somehow worked quite well and some of the versions had quirky features like being able to run away from the referee when he was trying to book you or send you off! These games were a good step forward from the early football simulations as the AI of both your teammates and opponents was excellent for the time and so allowed you to score some excellent goals and provided a good challenge.

In the late 90s and 2000s I also played the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) games and found the gameplay to be very addictive and it was really satisfying to score goals with the overpowered players in this game like Adriano, Roberto Carlos and Andrei Shvshenko. I spent far too much time playing this game!

Over the past four or five years I have got back into playing FIFA as in my eyes it has improve quite a bit and with features like Ultimate Team there are great reasons to keep coming back to the game. I created this website as a way to help other people to get better at FIFA (and may also start writing about other football games in the long term) as it is easy to miss features that loads of other people are using which make them good players. By sharing info that I find I want to improve your enjoyment of playing the game!

I hope that you enjoy reading the website and if you have any comments or want to get in touch probably the best way is via Twitter.