FIFA 20 Division Rivals (FUT 20)

Division Rivals is a brand new mode that is based around a weekly challenge in Ultimate Team in which you play games to earn points (Skill Rating) which define which division you are in, earn you weekly rewards in addition they earn you FUT Champions Qualification Points.

When Will I get Division Rivals Rewards?

These are released at 8am UK time every Thursday.

What Weekly Rewards Will I get?

You will get a choice as to the type of reward that you receive. These will be a mixture of different types of packs or a coin reward and these will be related to the division that you play in over the course of the previous week.

For example, if you finish in Division Five, Rank 3 you will be offered 32,000 coins and the packs you can choose are either various untradeable packs or (slightly less) tradeable packs.

How do I Qualify for the Weekend League?

You need to earn a certain amount of FUT Champions Qualification Points to be able to enter the Weekend League. The amount that you earn is dependent on your result and the division that you are in. When you get the required number of points you will get a token that you can redeem when you enter the Weekend League which means that you don’t have to enter it that week but can wait until another weekend if you prefer.

There are no longer Daily Knockout Tournaments in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

How Many Matches Will the Weekend League Consist of?

The Weekend League consists of 30 games in FIFA 19 and starts on Friday and ends Sunday night.

Weekend League games will also count towards your Division Rivals games and Skill Rating.

What is Skill Rating?

This is a way to measure your performance in Division Rivals. Playing games, even losing them, means that your Skill Rating increases. It is used to calculate which rewards you will receive.

How Will I Know Which Division I’m in?

When you start playing Division Rivals, you will take part in placement games (around five or so) which will define which division you start off in. You will then be in that division for a week and you will then move up or down depending on how you perform.

How do I get Promoted and Relegated?

The division that you will be placed in from week-to-week will be dependent on your Skill Points. This will change depending on how you perform in your games and if it goes down to a certain level will mean that you are relegated when that weekly cycle resets. If you gain or lose lots of points in one week you can get promoted or relegated by several divisions.

How do I Know Which Rewards I Will Receive?

This is dictated by your Weekly Score and within the Division Rivals hub you will be able to see which reward your current Weekly Score will earn you. This will only ever go up as even when you lose your Weekly Score will increase so there is always an incentive to finish a match even if you are losing badly.

How Many Games can I Play per Week?

You can play as many games as you want to try and increase your Skill Rating.

What’s Happened to Online Seasons?

This has been replaced by Division Rivals.

Is there Still a Daily Knockout Tournament?

No, qualification for the Weekend League is now via FUT Champions Qualification Points.

Division Rivals on Reddit

The FIFA 19 subreddit is a great place to find out more about Division Rivals as there are thousands of people chatting on there about it everyday. It’s a great place to ask questions about what to do with the rewards that you receive too. When updates are made to Division Rivals this is one of the places on the web that will contain the latest information.

Division 1, Rank 1 Rewards

If you manage to finish this high up you will get a choice between 80,000 coins (option 1), 1 Mega Pack & 1 Ultimate Pack (Option 2) and 2 Mega Packs (Untradeable) & 2 Ultimate Packs (Untradeable) (Option 3).

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