Skill moves are one of the best features of any FIFA game as they look cool, give you a chance of getting past a defender and allow you to be creative. It’s particularly good to be able to replicate a skill move that you’ve seen a famous footballer perform and this is one of the areas where EA is particularly pro-active as they incorporate these intentionally sometimes such as the Bolasie Flick and the Berba Spin.

For those that don’t know, all players in the game have a skill rate which is out of five and measured in stars. The number of stars that a player has in their skill rating dictates the skill moves that you can perform with them. So, if you are using a player such as Ronaldo, who has a five star skill rating, then that means that he can perform every skill move in the game.

So that you can quickly view relevant skill moves, we have pages dedicated to each skill rating:

There are some from the game which are missing from this website but we are continually adding more to these pages. Hopefully that will be plenty for you to practice with whether you’re using a cheap starter team if you have a team full of icons!

Which New Skill Moves are in FIFA 19?

Lane Change

One of the most powerful is the lane change which quickly moves your player left or right. This is a four star skill move and is performed by holding down L2/LT then (whilst continually to hold) flicking the right stick to the back of your player then flicking it to your player’s left or right side.

Three Touch Roulette

This roulette is another new move to the game and allows your player to quickly change direction and keep out of the way of opponents at the same time. It’s great for creating space and then giving you the chance to find a team mate or get a shot in on goal. This is also a four star skill move and you can perform it by holding L1/LB and then holding the right stick to your player’s left or right side.

What are Skillers?

When people refer to this they mean the players that have the five star skill trait and can perform any skill move in the game. Their price often goes up due to this so make sure that you plan ahead and save your FUT coins or store skillers that you get out of packs in your club to sell at the right time if you don’t intend on using them. We have compiled a list of players with the five star skill trait here.