Dynamic Tactics in FIFA 19

This is a new feature in FIFA 19 that will allow you to change your team’s formation within a game but choosing a pre-designated formation on your D-pad. This is likely to make games much more tactical as you will be able to respond to your opponent’s style of play and formation immediately and so it is more often going to be a chess match with players responding to the other player’s changes.

As well as having to learn the various nuances of controlling your team you will also have to learn which formations and tactics work well against others.

You will also have your own preferences too based on how you like to play. Some people may prefer formations which are defensive and others may want to keep the ball and put their opponent under pressure, for example. This might be particularly useful against an opponent that is playing extremely defensively, or “parking the bus”.

You can quickly change your formation in game, without having to pause the game, to change your formation to one that means that the majority of your players are swarming your opponent’s defense to confuse them and make the most of them sitting back.

Take a Look at This Video on Dynamic Tactics