Roulette Right Skill Move in FIFA 20

Stars Required: Three

To perform this:

Flick the right stick to the back of your player and then rotate the right stick 270 degrees through the right side.

This will make your player spin around the right hand side and they will then slight change direction. This is good when you’re running at an opponent, either through the middle or down the wings, when there is space either side of them so they cannot be sure which way you will you will move. The ideal scenario is when your opposing defender is running at you and committing to a tackle as this skill move is one of the quickest for changing direction.

A good time to use this is when your opponent is on your left hand side as they will really struggle to get to the ball when you perform this spin. It is not the best to use when you are in a crowd but more appropriate when there is space for you to spin into.