How to Turn on & off the Trainer in EA FC 24

To disable the Trainer, pause the game and go to [Trainer] on the pause screen. Note, this option isn’t available in the settings menu but can be accessed and customized before a match starts or during gameplay by pausing the game.

How to do it in FIFA 22

When you are in the pause menu go to the “Trainer” option. From there, go to “Status” and then change it to “Hide”.

How to do it in FIFA 21

You can use the same method as the one described above for FIFA 22.

How to do it in FIFA 19

In the Main Menu

In the main menu, go to “Customise” at the top, then go to “Settings”, then “Customise Controls” and on this menu change the “FIFA Trainer” option to “Hide”.

Take a look at this video guide on how to switch it off from YouTuber Flintren:

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During a Match

To turn off the trainer in during a match, you need to pause the game, go to the “Trainer” menu option and change the “Status” option to “Hide”.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1

Pause the match to go into the menu. You will see this screen:

FIFA 19 Pause Menu During a Match

Step 2

Go to the “Trainer” menu and change the “Status” option to “Hide”. You will then see this screen:

How to Turn off the Trainer in FIFA 19

Step 3

Go back to the match and the Trainer will be turned off!

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