Ultimate Guide to FIFA 20 Accessories & Merch

There are loads of accessories and merchandise that you can get when it comes to gaming. For every form of accessory out there people have applied them to videogames as well as football. They enhance your experience of playing a game and are a way to show how passionate you are about one of your favourite games. This means that when it comes to the FIFA games, there are loads of things that you can buy to make your experience even better and to comfort you when you concede those infuriating goals!

FIFA 19 Jersey / T Shirts

FIFA 19 Jersey

EA have released FIFA 19 jerseys that they have designed specifically for the new game and they can be bought at GAME. They have a cool, colourful design and, whilst they aren’t the cheapest product (like many football shirts), they will make you stand out and let you show how much of a dedicated FIFA player you are. If you like to livestream on camera when playing the game, they are a great talking point and will make you look stylish.


A controller is one of the key elements of playing videogames, possibly the most important! Having one that you feel comfortable with and like the look of will make you an even better player. These days, controllers are like works of art as they are much more stylish than they were years ago and in this current generation we are lucky to have default controllers which are both stylish and comfortable. They look great when you’re using them but its great to put them on display when you’re playing on your console.

Scuf Gaming controllers

These are specialist controllers aimed at the more hardcore players that have extra features which are different from the official Playstation 4 and Xbox One controllers with slightly different trigger buttons and paddles on the back which mean that you don’t have to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks if you don’t want to.

Check out their website here!

Many of these controllers do look amazing compared to the standard controllers on the market however, be warned, they do come at a pretty high cost! However, if you take your gaming very seriously or actually earn a living from playing FIFA then they are a very good option.

They also have a specific section with controllers that have been made with FIFA in mind. You can check them out here. 

They even have an astro turf controller which is definitely the most quirky one I’ve seen on there! You can check out the PS4 version here and the Xbox One version here.

Club Licensed Controllers

Want to show off who you support? You can buy controllers that have a team’s colours (Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona and Liverpool ones are available) and badge on them that you can buy. They all have the same design but have club’s colours. GAME sell these and they are available for PS4 and Xbox One.

Colorware Custom Controllers

Colorware have a range of custom controllers that will enhance your FIFA experience as you will have something that very few people do which will be great for showing off to people on your livestream if you like to do that kind of thing and will make a great addition to any gaming room. You can also create a controller based on your own colour requirements using their website.

Headphones and Microphones

Wearing headphones when playing the game is a great way to immerse yourself in the experience and will help you to concentrate on the action in front of you. Unless you have an amazing TV and sound system then headphones will pretty much always be a more exciting sound experience. The quality of the sound will be better and you will hear little sounds that you can’t hear with your TV speaker experience. Just those little things like the sound of a player kicking the ball of the cheering of the crowds will sound crisper and deeper which will bring you deeper into the game. They will also allow you to concentrate on the game more which is better for those ultra competitive modes such as Division Rivals and Weekend League.

Controller Thumbsticks

PS4 Thumbsticks

With some gaming controllers, the LS and RS sticks can be a bit slippery which is infuriating with a game like FIFA where it is the subtle touches of these sticks can be the difference between scoring and not even getting a shot in on goal. There are thumbsticks that you can get from a variety of places online and in brick and mortar stores that are designed to have more grip than the default thumbsticks. I have some myself and they definitely make a different to the amount of grip that you have on these sticks. On the odd occasion if you put too much pressure on the thumbsticks these thumbstick covers can sometimes slip off which can be annoying however some of them will be better than others for you so you may need to try different ones and see what works better for you. Thankfully, they are pretty cheap!

Check out the latest prices for PS4 thumbsticks here and Xbox One Thumbsticks here.

Snack Caddies

If you are indeed the type of gamer that enjoys eating sweets and snacks in general when you’re playing then you may be interested in a snack caddies. These are devices that have various compartments that allow you to put snacks of different shapes and sizes into them which will keep them apart and allow you to easy grab different snacks depending on your mood. They also allow you to carry a drink in them which means that they are much more convenient than carrying your snacks and drinks separately¬† They are also designed to be easy to carry as they have handles which means that you can carry everything in one go.

Just try not to through the snack caddie across the room when you concede those cheesy last minute equalizers!



This is the most healthy drink to have and will keep you hydrated most effectively but won’t give you that sugar high that other drinks and sweets will however it will keep you hydrated the longest and is the best option for keeping fit.


This will give you a quick boost but isn’t necessarily as sweet as the other drinks mentioned so far on this list. There are loads of options when it comes to coffee these days including the type of coffee that you have as well as the flavour. You can have instant coffee, for example, or grab yourself a coffee press from companies like Bodium (this is the brand of coffee press that I have). If you like using coffee beans, you will need a coffee grinder too. You can get coffee presses for one person if you are the only person in your home that will use it or a bigger one to share with others or if you are going to have multiple cups. Buying these things and making your own is a lot cheaper than going to places like Starbucks and Costa everyday!

Gaming Chairs

These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and the type of chair that you need to find something that works for you as even if you check out recommendations on places like YouTube you need to find something that works for your body size and shape. Going into stores is probably the best way to ‘try before you buy’ and then you can take the chair that you like best away with you on the same day. Even then, you probably still won’t be sure that it works for you until after a month or so.

There are some very cool chairs out there on the market. A lot of gamers, especially those who play FIFA on Twitch and YouTube, have racing chairs which are known for their comfort and a lot of people agree that they look cool.

Take a look at some of the amazing gaming chairs that you can buy on Amazon right now!

Green Screens

If you enjoy playing the game on livestream via platforms such as Twitch and YouTube using a camera, you will benefit from using a green screen so that you can block out your background and potentially add a custom background into your stream. This will allow you to make your streams slightly different each time as you can have a varied background and will also stop there being jagged edges around you which happy if you try and just reduce the area around you that the camera shows.

Display Cabinets and Stands

There are so many accessories and merchandise that you will want to show off when you’re not using them or just to have as permanent display items in your room and to make these look tidy and just enhance their effect on your room you can buy some excellent display cabinets that can contain many items and make them look cool as well as stands which allow you to place items on them in a way that you couldn’t with just a flat surface.

IKEA Display Cabinet

I have one of these myself and they are an amazing way to display any kind of item that you would like to show off. They are mainly made of glass which means that you can see into them from pretty much any angle and they have a door which makes it easy to get inside them when you want to change the things on display or to clean them. They are also pretty easy to put LED lights inside them to give the different sections extra light and highlight certain parts of it. These look particularly good in evenings if you’re sitting in a dark room with some lamps on.

Stand from Amazon

If you have items such as POP figures then these stands are a great way to show them off all together as the figures will be tiered so that you can see them easily. An option with these as well is that they fit within a section of the IKEA display cabinet mentioned above. I have one of these stands with POP figures on them myself and they look excellent and are a great spacer saver too!

Check out the latest price of this amazing stand on Amazon here!