The Greatest Guide to Headers & Volleys in FIFA 20

This is a new mode to the FIFA games that arrived in FIFA 19 and is based on the game that everyone used to play as kids in fields and parks with their mates in which you have to score from a header or a volley for it to count as a goal.

We have done some testing in this mode to find out what exactly does and does not count as a goal:

What Counts as a Goal?

  • Headers
  • Volleys
  • Bicycle kicks (they’re a form of volley, of course)
  • Own goals
  • Set-pieces
    • Free Kicks
    • Penalties

What Doesn’t Count as a Goal?

  • Half-Volleys (when the ball bounces and it’s still in the air when you shoot)
  • Normal shots

Is This Mode Good?

It’s worth looking at this mode as something that is there as just a bit of fun to have with your mates rather than it being something to take seriously and get great at. It’s a great way to force you to concentrate on scoring with headers and volleys which are easy to neglect when there are other ways that you can score. However, in this version of the game headers and volleys, in certain areas, can be overpowered ways of scoring. It forces you to improve your crossing and to try it in different areas of the pitch. Crossing with the right type of striker in the middle can be a very reliable to way to get goals.

In a nutshell, this mode is great fun when played in a lighthearted way with your friends.

Can This Mode be Played Online?

This modes seems to only be available when playing offline. It is best played with a friend(s) locally in my opinion as it is just a bit of fun and should be played locally with friends around the same console to try and find funny ways to score from headers and volleys from different areas of the pitch.

How Can I Score from Headers?

The best and most reliable way of scoring from a header is to cross the ball in from the wing to a big striker with good heading attributes. You can check these stats when editing your team/squad by clicking RS/R3. Doing this little bit of research will give you a much better chance of putting the ball in the back of the net. You should also check the stats of your wingers so that you have players that are good at crossing too, of course.

When on the wing, it is a good idea to look inside to the penalty area to see where your players are and crossing when they are able to run towards the ball and then use that momentum to head the ball powerfully towards goal. When on the wing you should cross relatively early compared to previous versions of the game, such as when just becoming level with the corner of the penalty area and then power the bar about half way along.

How Can I Score from Volleys?

The best advice that I can give to this question is to just practice and find those methods that work for the type of team and individual players that you like to use in the game. There are some more practical tips that I can give though such as by pressing the L2 button when shooting which will make your player volley the ball rather than taking another type of shot.

Crossing is obviously key and using the tips within the crossing section of this article will help you a lot. Simply crossing the ball into the penalty area randomly will not give you the best chance of scoring form a volley. You need to keep an eye on your players that are in the box and have some space around them to volley the ball. Remember, to volley the ball a player will need plenty of space around them to swing their leg around. To score with a bicycle kick you will need to check that your striker has room to move so that the ball is slightly behind them which will make them use the bicycle kick.

Remember, you can flick the ball up with the R3/RS button which means that you don’t necessarily have to cross the ball into someone else to be able to score from a volley! For example, you can be on on the edge of your opponent’s penalty area and just use this button to flick the ball up and then take a volley shot from there.

How Far Should I Power up the Power Bar?

This depends on where your player is in relation to the goal and where in the goal you want to put the ball. But, generally, powering the bar up about halfway will give you a decent chance of getting the ball on target and scoring. However, this is something that you need to try out for yourself as it also depends on the player that you are using which is why it is also a good idea to get to know the players that you use in Ultimate Team well as there are subtle difference between them and the players that use them best will be the ones that knows these differences the best.

Timed Finishing With Volleys

You can use this to give yourself an extra chance of scoring with a volley. Timed Finishing is activated when you press the shoot button a second time after the initial press which powers up the power bar. The second press of the button should coincide with the player connecting their foot with the ball. If you timed this right, a green icon will appear above your player’s head but if you time it incorrectly then it will be red.

Whilst many people say that Timed Finishing doesn’t give you a hugely improved chance of scoring if you time it right, every percentage counts so if you can give yourself that extra percentage you have a better chance of scoring and winning the game. It’s the small details that make the difference! Also, EA may update the game to buff this feature and give you an even better chance of scoring with it so if you’ve already been practicing should they do this then you will have an even bigger advantage over your opponents!