How to Get Loyalty in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT)

Having all of your players on full chemistry (10 out of 10) is key to making your players play as well as they can in your Ultimate Team. Not doing so will mean that you’re at a disadvantage from kick-off and those players that you’ve spent loads of coins on will not be playing to their full potential. If you have that expensive player but only play him on 7 chemistry then you may as well as bought a cheaper player on 10 chemistry, right?

Players get loyalty when either you get them out of packs or you play 10 games with them in your team. This means that if you buy players from the transfer market with coins they won’t have loyalty to your team until you use them in ten matches.

What Does Loyalty do to my Players?

If your player has the loyalty trait for in your club then they get an extra chemistry stat which gives you more flexibility when it comes to organising your team and may give you the option of putting your players in slightly different positions from kick-off without having to pause the game and have to re-arrange them. This means that you can spend your time and thoughts on other things like analysing how your opponent’s formation and what players you need to look out for.

What is the Loyalty Glitch?

There is a glitch where you can speed up how long it takes you to get your players on your team to have the loyalty trait. You can play a single player season game then make sure that the kick-off takes place and quite the game. This will contribute to all players on your team getting an additional game towards their loyalty. If you do this ten times then all players on your team will get the loyalty trait if they don’t already have it.