How to Tell if you Have a Walkout in FIFA 19

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A walkout is when you open a pack and the player is deemed of a high enough quality to walkout out onto the screen to celebrate you getting them. 

What Rating are Players That Walkout?

Players that have a rating of 86 or above will walkout onto the screen when you get them from a pack.

How do I Know That I Have a Player That Will Walkout?

When you open a pack, there will be an EA Sports logo below the card that you can see but will this will stay dark for around 1 second before lighting up. When you get a card/player that is below 86 rated, you won’t be able to see the logo until everything lights up.

Where can I see Examples of Players Walking out?

Here are some videos where YouTubers show examples of the walkout animation so that you can see for yourself what to look for:

This video is from YouTuber ChuBoi:

This video is from YouTuber La5ty:

This video is from YouTuber RazeFIFA: