Pundit picks in EA FC 24

EA SPORTS FC 24, the successor to the long-standing FIFA franchise, has unveiled a dynamic new feature to its Ultimate Team mode – the ‘Pundit Picks’. This innovative player program breathes fresh life into the game by involving pundits from prominent sports broadcasters like Sky Sports and DAZN in the selection of monthly Ultimate Team upgrades for players in the Premier League and LaLiga EA SPORTS.

Different from Player of the Month Awards

The ‘Pundit Picks’ program is a departure from the typical Player of the Match or Player of the Month awards. It provides a platform for pundits to shine a spotlight on those players they feel are particularly deserving, based on their performance in a specific match or consistent excellence throughout the season. This could include standout performances, highlighting an unsung hero, or simply bringing a player into the limelight who may not always make the headlines.

Jamie Carragher is Making the First Pundit Pick

Kicking off the initiative, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher selected the inaugural Pundit Pick from the talent that featured in Premier League match week 11. Carragher’s expertise and seasoned eye for on-pitch brilliance set the precedent for what the ‘Pundit Picks’ are all about – celebrating the skill, dedication, and unique contributions of players beyond the traditional metrics.

As per the announced schedule, the ‘Pundit Picks’ will be a monthly affair, with the Premier League and LaLiga EA SPORTS taking turns to feature in this exciting program. LaLiga, in partnership with DAZN, is set to unveil its first Pundit Pick in December, adding an international flavor to the selections and recognizing the global impact of these top-tier leagues.

Upgraded Pundit Pick Card

The chosen ‘Pundit Pick’ will receive a special upgraded card in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Ultimate Team, boasting enhanced stats reflecting their acknowledged achievements. These upgrades are not just honorary; they are meant to translate into tangible in-game improvements, making the selected players more coveted by gamers around the world.

The upgraded player cards will be available to gamers through a Squad Building Challenge (SBC), which will appear in the game 2-3 days after the broadcast announcement. This quick turnaround ensures that the buzz and excitement around a pundit’s pick are captured in the game almost instantly.

EA SPORTS is keeping fans in the loop through its various channels. Followers can stay updated and engage with all things EA SPORTS FC™ by tuning into their official Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels. For those looking for insider insights, the Dev Twitter channel @EASFCDIRECT provides a behind-the-scenes look at game developments. The EA SPORTS FC™ Tracker offers real-time updates, while the official forums present an opportunity for fans to discuss and participate in the ongoing development of the game.

‘Pundit Picks’ is more than just an update; it’s a celebration of footballing talent and an acknowledgment of the intricate and often overlooked aspects of the game that pundits, with their seasoned perspectives, can spotlight. By integrating these insights into the virtual realm of EA SPORTS FC 24, the developers have created a unique bridge between the analysis of the real-world game and the in-game experience, promising to keep the title fresh, relevant, and closely tied to the heartbeat of the actual football seasons.