1. Ultimate Team 24 Launch Schedule:
    • Web App launches on 20 September.
    • Companion App updated version available from 21 September.
    • Early Access for those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition starts from midnight on 22 September for Sony and Microsoft consoles and 5 AM BST on PC.
    • Worldwide launch for Standard Edition on 29 September.
  2. Nike Mad Ready Campaign:
    • A pre-launch campaign to help players prepare for the new season.
    • Focus on completing objectives for special rewards using Mad Ready Players.
    • Five Nike Mad Ready Players will get cosmetic upgrades and are available from 22 to 29 September. A loan version of one of these players is part of pre-order content.
  3. Ultimate Team Seasons:
    • Seasons will play a pivotal role in unlocking rewards.
    • Three focus areas have been developed based on feedback:
      • Relevant rewards with key choices.
      • Different ways to unlock progress.
      • Clear understanding of weekly activities and future events in Ultimate Team.
    • Swaps rewards will be integrated into Season Progress for better clarity and progression.
  4. Mode & Rewards Changes:
    • Updates will be made to Squad Battles, Rivals, and Champions modes.
    • Weekly Seasonal XP rewards will be integrated into these modes.
    • Champions mode rewards will be revised throughout the year for relevancy.
    • Rewards for Champions, especially for elite players, will be updated for a better balance of difficulty and reward.
    • Squad Battles will have shorter matches and fewer matches counting towards weekly rank.
  5. Evolutions:
    • New system allowing players to upgrade players from their club.
    • 12 Evolutions will be available in the first season.
    • Three main types of upgrades:
      • Gameplay (updating in-game stats).
      • Utility (providing more flexibility like changing positions).
      • Cosmetic (visual upgrades).
    • Evolutions can be completed in a player’s preferred mode but some may require specific modes.
  6. Authentic Content Overhaul:
    • A revamp of how authentic football content is incorporated, considering new features and including top women’s leagues.
    • Team of the Week (TOTW) updates include:
      • Lower-rated OVR players will get larger upgrades.
      • All TOTW Players will be at least 80+ OVR from launch.
      • TOTW players may get larger key stat upgrades.
      • Featured TOTW items will be eligible for larger upgrades and these will carry through to the player’s next TOTW version.
  7. ICONS
    • Changes to ICON appearance in Ultimate Team.
    • Single base version introduced, similar to Heroes & active Players.
    • Campaign versions to be released throughout the year.
    • Changes ensure ICONs remain elite and special.
    • Positive player feedback leads to more Campaign versions.
    • New approach allows variations while maintaining in-game balance.
  8. Heroes
    • Collaboration between EA SPORTS FC™ 24 and Marvel Entertainment.
    • Special UEFA Champions League and Women’s Champions League items with illustrated action shots.
    • Pre-orders of Ultimate Edition before August 22 get a UEFA Hero Pack on November 27.
    • Pack contains one of the 19 new Heroes in Ultimate Team 24.
  9. Women’s Football in Ultimate Team
    • Players can now build teams with both men’s and women’s footballers.
    • Introduction of top 5 women’s leagues and their superstars.
    • Featuring 5 ICONs & 3 Heroes influential in women’s football.
    • Prominent campaigns for women’s footballers.
    • Regular content like Squad Foundations, Showdowns, and more to celebrate both genders.
  10. Changes to Nintendo Switch™
    • Transition to the Frostbite engine for EA SPORTS FC™ 24 on Switch.
    • Includes major game modes like Champions, Rivals, and Squad Battles.
    • All Seasons & Campaigns available on Switch.
    • Transfer markets remain separate across platforms.
  11. Esports
    • Improvements to FC Pro Live esports events and viewership rewards presentation.
    • Viewership rewards now accessed via Objectives, not SBC menu.
    • Easier for players to view upcoming events and rewards.
  12. FC Founder Status
    • Introduction of Founder Status for early players in EA SPORTS FC™ 24.
    • Must log in and connect to EA servers before November 1, 2023.
    • Founders receive in-game rewards, status is permanent on accounts.
  13. EA Play Member Benefits
    • Changes to rewards for EA Play Members.
    • Monthly rewards include Draft Token, 10-hour EA Play Early Access from October 22, 10% discount on FC Points, VOLTA Coins, and Apparel.
    • Pre-Season rewards from past titles available by October 12, must redeem by logging into Ultimate Team 24 by November 12, 2023.