Searching for answers about EA Sports FC 24’s pricing? Your quest ends here! As we wave goodbye to FIFA 23, the gaming community’s attention has naturally shifted to the latest in the series. As EA continues to drip-feed us tidbits about the game, the anticipation only heightens, with the promise of exhilarating features in the upcoming season.

As the EA Sports FC 24 launch date draws near, avid gamers are eagerly scoping out pre-orders, aiming to cement their position in what’s slated to be an iconic season of football simulation. Those eager to jump right in can already pre-order, with numerous bonuses up for grabs.

Is EA Sports FC 24 Available for Free?

Contrary to the buzz, EA Sports FC 24 does not follow the free-to-play model. While rivals like eFootball and UFL have ventured into the free-to-play terrain, EA remains loyal to its traditional pricing strategy. Players can, however, look forward to various editions with enhanced accessibility.

A comprehensive rundown on EA Sports FC 24 pre-orders, pricing, and editions is now available. Notably, this year’s game carries a steeper price tag compared to its predecessor, though dual entitlement is now bundled with the Standard Edition. Price hikes are specific to certain editions and platforms, so be sure to cross-reference prices across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

EA Play

One workaround for ardent fans might be EA Play, EA’s gaming subscription. Although it’s improbable for EA Sports FC 24 to be instantly available upon its release, it might feature later in the season. This move aims to lure gamers into securing the next season’s title. Availing of the EA Play subscription could also pave the way for a 10-hour early access trial. Additionally, early access is one of the perks that come with the Ultimate Edition of FC 24 pre-order.

Price considerations aside, EA Sports FC 24 promises a host of thrilling additions across its gameplay modes. Expect a robust EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team with innovative evolutions, fresh leagues, and the ground-breaking inclusion of women’s football. The latter allows for exhilarating face-offs between male and female avatars on the digital field!

Career Mode

Career Mode also gets its fair share of upgrades. Both Manager Career and Player Career modules have been revamped to provide gamers with unparalleled immersion and realism, backed by the revamped Frostbite Engine and HyperMotionV.


And here’s the cherry on top: Clubs (previously Pro Clubs) now boasts crossplay, a feature that has garnered widespread acclaim from the global gaming community. As for VOLTA Football, it remains relatively unchanged, but then again, it’s known to be the least frequented mode.

So, to sum it up, while EA Sports FC 24 isn’t free, the offerings this season seem well worth the investment. Happy gaming!