I’m writing this during the EA Play trial phase of the game so things may change over time but at the moment here are some of the ways that I have found work in FIFA 22 when it comes to scoring goals.

Finesse Shots from Outside the Box

This method has been powerful in past FIFA games and it seems to be the case in FIFA 22. If you are at any kind of angle, but best of all 90 degrees, then using the R1/RB button plus the shoot button will give you a good chance of scoring a goal. If you also used the timed shot (press shoot for a second time just as the player kicks the ball) and time this so that the bar is green you will have an even better chance of scoring.

Driven Shots Near the Goal

You can perform a driven shot using the L1/LB + R1/LB buttons and this seems to work well when you are facing the goal head on and also sometimes from an angle. You need to be quite close to the goal to do this.

Normal Shots Near the Goal from an Angle

These worked well in FIFA 21 and still seem to work well. If you are near the goal and there are no defenders in front of you a normal shot across the goal often goes into the goal.