Ultimate Scream Halloween Event in FIFA 19

For FIFA 19, EA have announced that there will be special Halloween 2018 cards that will have upgraded stats and will be available in packs. This is something that they have done a number of years and these cards are often upgraded at certain Halloween related times throughout the season.

When are the Ultimate Scream Cards Released?

These cards will be released at 6pm UK time for a limited time.

Which Players will have Ultimate Scream Halloween Cards?

Here is an image that was released as part of the promotion for this event:

Ultimate Scream Cards in FIFA 19


Here is a list of players that will receive an Ultimate Scream card:

  • Sergio Busquets
  • Verratti
  • Diego Costa
  • Pepe
  • Mandzukic
  • Dost
  • Balotelli
  • Forsberg
  • Shaqiri
  • Calhanoglu
  • Kalou
  • Mascherano
  • Fellaini
  • Rafinha
  • Deeney
  • Caceres
  • Ochoa
  • Abdulrahman
  • Ampadu
  • Mings
  • Denayer

What is Shapeshifting?

EA have announced that these cards will “Shapeshift”. We assume that this means that their stats will be upgraded for temporary periods during the season for example when there is a full moon. EA have not confirmed what this means yet but we will update this page when they do.

How can I Make Coins and Money With These Cards by Investing?

If you keep an eye on the times when these cards are likely to receive an upgrade in their stats, such as an upcoming full moon or the Day of the Dead, then investing in these cards ahead of this and then selling in the hype leading up to the event or during the event itself, especially if it is on a Thursday or Friday due to people buying for the Weekend League, then you can often sell for a major profit.

Are There any Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) for These Cards?

EA have not announced whether there will be any SBCs that will reward you with an Ultimate Scream card however it is very likely that they will do so. We will update this page when they do.

Have any Pack Offers Been Announced?

Again, these have not been confirmed but there are strong rumours that there will be and it is something that has often happened in the past. They are likely to be released as soon as the cards are.