Should you Take Coins or Packs from Division Rivals Rewards?

There is no right or wrong answer to this as it all depends on what you do with the coins if you go down that route or what you get from packs if you choose that option in Division Rivals.

However, if you like taking a risk and have a decent squad already in place then there is more to gain from opening packs. If you need more players of a similar standard to what you have now or are a trader and are good at making money in the game then the better option may be to go for the coins.

Consider the Time of Year

You should also consider the time of year when thinking about which rewards to take. For example, at the start of the year low rated gold players can be worth a lot so while coins are generally the best idea it could be worth risking a tradeable pack as there is a decent chance that you will at least pack players that would be worth what you would get for straight coins. If it is nearing a time when EA traditionally provide a lot of pack promotions, such as Black Friday or the Christmas season, then you may want to take coins so that you can buy players to use with things like Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or to invest in players that people are likely to want to buy to complete SBCs.

Do you Want Control or to Play a Lottery?

Essentially, if you want the most control over what you can do then taking coins is the best option as you know what you will be getting and can play for that. If you are saving for a specific player then coins will help you on your way but there is a ceiling as to how much you will get but with by taking packs you are risking coins to potentially get Ronaldo…or a pack full of bang average gold cards. It’s a lottery when you take packs.