Laces Flick Up Skill Move in FIFA 20

Stars Required: Five

To perform this:

Hold L2/LT and hold R1/RB.

When should you use this?

This is a great skill move to use on the edge of your opponent’s penalty box in the middle or on the wings as a way to surprise them into making a mistake. When you use this, they may dive into a tackle which will give you a chance to flick the ball over their head and get past them in a critical part of the pitch.

This is also great for using as a start to then move onto something else such as a shot or a cross. A lot of people use it to then perform a shot using the L2/LT button which should perform a more expansive flick shot rather than a shot. It is hard to defend when the ball is bouncing in the air whilst an attacker has the ball in their possession so this is a way to get in this position and you can use the right stick to flick the ball in different directions.