How to Turn off Timed Finishing in FIFA 20

Timed Finishing is a feature that gives you the ability to take a more accurate shot by pressing the shoot button a second time after your initial press. If you timed the second press when your player kicks the ball you will have a greater chance of scoring.

However, some of you want to switch off this feature so here are a couple of ways that you can do it:

How to Switch off Timed Finishing via the Main Menu

In the main menu, go to “Customise” at the top, then go to “Settings”, then “Customise Controls” and on this menu you can switch Timed Finishing off.

How to Switch it off During a Match

Firstly, pause the game then go to “Settings”, then “Customise Controls”, then on this menu you can turn off Timed Finishing.

Note that with this second method it will only turn it off temporarily.