How to Take Free Kicks in FIFA 19

Everyone loves a great free kick. They are a spectacular way to score. But what are you like at scoring them in FIFA? I bet you’re not as good as you would like to be, right? Did you know that there are loads of different ways to take them? Did you know that you can move your keeper across the goal and control him which gives you a better chance of saving one if you think you know where your opponent is going to shoot?

Well, this page will help you to be better at taking and scoring from free kicks in FIFA 19.

If you are also looking to get better at other set pieces, you should really check out our guide to scoring from penalties. Don’t blame us if you don’t read it and continue to miss penalties!

What are the Different Types of Free Kick That I can Take?

  • Power
  • Curl
  • Trivela
  • Knuckleball
  • Dipping

How do I Score From Different Types of Free Kicks?

Dipping Power Free Kick

Aim just outside of the defenders then use 3 to 3.5 bars of power while at the same time holding down L1 and pushing towards the goal on the LS.

Power Curling Free Kick

Aim outside of the near post then press shoot to get 2.5 to 3.5 bars of power and press the LS 45 degrees towards the goal to give your shot some curl.


If you are using a player who is strongest with their right foot, aim by moving the camera (using the LS) so that your player is aiming around a metre outside of the right post. When pressing the shoot button, use two bars of power and push the LS up and 45 degrees to the left (to the right if your player is left footed and you are aiming a metre to the side of the left post).

Dipping Free Kick

Aim between the two defenders on the edge of the wall and press the shoot and power up the shot to between 1 and 2 bars. When pressing the power button, press the LS straight up.

Driven Under the Wall Free Kick

Aim towards the feet of the player on the outside of the wall with the LS then hold L1/LB and press the shoot button to one bar of power and push towards the goal with the LS.

Trivela Free Kick

Aim the free kick with the LS to just outside of the near post. With the RS, move your player so that they are in line with the ball and near post and then press the shoot button with two bars of power and press the LS 45 degrees in the direction of the goal.

Power Trivela Free Kick

Use the RS to move your player to be in line with the ball and the near post. Use the LS to aim the free kick to the outside of the near post. Hold L1/LB and press the shoot button to power the bar between two and three bars if power. Use the LS 45 degrees towards the centre of the goal.

Knuckleball Free Kick

Aim for the far post and press the shoot button to three bars of power whilst holding the L1/LB button. When the player is running towards the ball, aim the LS 45 degrees towards the goal to get the ball some curl.

Dummy Pass Free Kick

Call both players by pressing the L2/LT and R1/RB buttons then perform a fake shot. Next, press the through ball button (Triangle/Y) and aim the LS toward the player than runs over the ball.

How do I Practice Free Kicks?

The best place to practice free kicks is within the training section of FIFA 19. As far as I’m aware you can’t practice them in the arena.

How do I Save Free Kicks With my Goalkeeper?

If you hold down the RS/R3 button whilst your opponent is lining up their free kick you will be able to move around your goalkeeper. This means, if you think that your opponent is going to go to a specific part of the goal that you will be able to move your keeper there which means that he will be behind the ball if the free kick is on target.

However, this is a risky tactic as if you get it wrong the other side of the goal will be completely open!

How to Defend Free Kicks

One of the most important things you should do when defending a free kick is to be aware of what your opponent is likely to do and then to watch and react to what they are doing. For example, you need to watch out for the various types of free kicks mentioned in this article and then move your defenders to react against this.

As well as being able to move your keeper as mentioned above, you can also move your wall to stop your opponent from scoring. You can move them from side-to-side or towards to ball however be aware that if you move the wall towards the ball then there is a good chance that the referee will spot this and will book one of your players. To move your wall, you can press the triangle/Y button and then press the LS.

You can also make the wall jump when your opponent takes their free kick by pressing the X/A button.

Another thing that you can do with your wall is to manually move one next to it and then press the RB/R1 button to make them stay next to the wall.

As you can move players around when an opponent is going to take a free kick you can move them towards your goal which means that you can place them on the goal line to potentially block a shot. However, if you do this it means that your opponent can place their strikers near the goal as they won’t be offside.

Who are the Best Free Kick Takers?

10. Shunsuke Nakamura (CAM)
9. Paulo Dybala (CAM)
8. Memphis Depay (ST)
7. Marvin Plattenhardt (LB)
6. Parejo (CM)
5. Enis Bardhi (CM)
4. Miralem Pjanić (CM)
3. Sebastian Giovinco (CF)
2. Hakan Çalhanoğlu (LW)
1. Lionel Messi (CF)

Can I Have Custom Set Pieces and Free Kicks

Unfortunately, FIFA 19 doesn’t allow you to create custom set pieces or free kicks like you can with custom tactics.

Great Free Kicks Scored in Real Life

Free kicks are a unique part of football that allow you to be creative and score goals that you wouldn’t see in any other part of the game. The fact that there is a build-up to them and most of the time a direct free kick won’t result in a goal means that when they do hit the back of the net they are exhilarating to watch and often spectacular types of goals.

Take a look at these amazing free kicks that were scored in real life (try to replicate them and post online if you can!):