How to Take and Score from Corners in FIFA 20

In every edition of FIFA there are overpowered methods of scoring a goal and FIFA 19 is no exception with this edition having corners as one of these. It has got to such a place where people are complaining on social media and forums for them to be ‘nerfed’ (toned down). Here are the most common ways that, at the time of writing (before any future patch which may reduce how powerful these are), people are scoring from corners:

Near post header

To do this you need to aim the target around the corner of the six yard area and then press the cross button with a couple of bars of power. You should select a player that is at least six foot tall and then just before the ball is kicked position them where the ball is going to go.

Near Post Bicycle Kick

This is similar to the above method but when you position your player make sure that they have a bit of space around them (for example by making a defender go to the ball by pressing R1/RB and making your own player run to the ball) and then cross the ball slightly behind your attacker. It is a good idea to control a striker to do this as they will have better shooting stats. When you press the shoot button hold down L2/LT to make sure that they perform a bicycle kick.

Penalty Spot Header

Place the target around the penalty spot and press the cross button for around 2 to 2.5 bars of power then make sure you have a tall player in the vicinity of the penalty spot and when the ball is close to him press the shoot button for the same number of power bars and aim towards either corner of the goal.

We hope that helps you! Having a wide variety of ways to score a goal will make you a better player as goals are often difficult to come by so you need a variety of methods that work against different types of players and teams. Some teams will be big and strong which may make them good at defending corners but make them weak against methods such as finesse shots or volleys from outside the box but if you get good at scoring from corners that makes you more likely to score and, ultimately, win more games.

Timed Finishing

You can also use Timed Finishing when heading or volleying a shot at a corner like you would with any type of shot so doing this would give you a slightly better chance of the ball going in although if you mistime it then it could really mess the shot up. Most people do not seem to use Timed Finishing at corners as they are so overpowered they feel that it’s not worth the risk.

Use Players That are Good at Heading

Whichever of the above methods you use to try and score from a corner, you need to give yourself the best chance of doing so by using tall players that have good heading/shooting/volleying stats. Using a small player who cannot head the ball very well will drastically reduce your chances as your opponent will likely put a tall defender at the near post or around that part of the six yard box and will be able to get a challenge in on your small attacker.

How to Defend at Corners

As corners are overpowered in this version of the game defending from them is tough, especially if your opponent has a top quality corner kick taker and player’s in the box that are tall and have great heading/shooting/volleying stats. However, there are a few things that you can do:

Put a Tall Defender Where the Ball Will go

A lot of defending from corners, and set pieces in general, is trying to read your opponent and guess what you think that they will do. If you think that they will cross the corner into the near post or around the near part of the six yard box then you can try to prevent this by putting a defender there who is tall and has good heading stats. Don’t put your tiny striker there! This will give you a decent chance of getting to the ball before their striker.

Control Your Keeper

This is a high risk strategy but if you hold down the RS/R3 button and move it around your keeper will move in the direction that you point. This means that you can position your goalkeeper to where you think the ball will go so that he will punch or catch the ball. This can easily go wrong though as if you go to the near post but the corner goes to the far post your goal will be empty.

Don’t Give Corners Away!

The best tactic to not conceding from corners is to not give any away which is tough but doing things such as not defending too deep, keeping possession of the ball and when the opponent is in the corner giving them space and not going in for a tackle in a direction that could result in a corner. This last tactic is obviously risky though as they could just cross the ball in or cut in with their winger which could result in a goal anyway.