This SBC is part of the freeze promo in December 2020 and his position has changed from CM to striker (ST).

The general thought on this card is that it is excellent value for the stats that he has and is French so there are plenty of chemistry links that you can use. Even if you are doing an RTG in Ultimate Team the general consensus is that you should do this SBC as the card is such great value.

As ever, the downside to having an SBC player is that they are untradeable but even if you don’t use him in your starting 11 he will also be great as a sub.

How Much Does he Cost?

At the time of writing it costs around 110k coins to do his SBC but will fluctuate based on the day/time that you do it.

Who is he?

At the time of writing he is a central midfielder and is 22 years old. He plays for Lyon in Ligue 1 and is 1.75m tall. At the time of writing he has played for the full French national team once. He is an all round midfielder and has good technically ability and considered to be good on the ball with excellent composure under pressure.